Kashyapi Karan


Hare Krsna

My life began with my beloved gopal deity, continuing my life with him and also want to end with him because he has always been too merciful on me. Since childhood my gopal deity is with me my parents brought him from jagannath puri I loved to dress him and do his shringar never knew much though how to serve him properly bt just like a small kid I tried to serve him in my playful way and loved spending time with him later one of my gujrati teacher told me how to serve gopal in the right way. I am an intovert In school I used to be always alone most of time I was never with friends because they too never liked and enjoyed my association even if I wanted to spend some time with anyone no one used to talk with me much I faced too much grief in school days I used to cry everyday before my gopal deity when I went home sometimes I was even bullied whatever I was too alone in school so during recess I used to finish my lunch soon and visited library most of the days I loved reading spiritual books since childhood so it was my fav. corner one fine day I got the most precious book in my hand it was Bhagvat Gita As It is as I turned the pages of the book I felt great solace ..I remember I felt so gud in just few minutes I saw Srila Prabhupad for the first time in that book. I liked that book so much that I issued that book and took it home in home I was reading that book most of the times so my parents were thinking what was I doing with a thick book all the time within a few days I left eating non veg forever I cried before my mother not to give me non veg anymore I was taking the instructions of that book very very seriously later in my life I searched about Srila Prabhupad in internet and got to see the beautiful darshans of ISKCON temples I was so much attracted by the beautiful darshans that I wanted to see more but there was  so I was a different person when I read that book more serious about my life in my city there was no ISKCON temple in my city I always had a desire to go to an ISKCON temple later as my!

School finished I was preparing for my nift entrance exam by Parthasarathi’s grace I was selected in nift delhi the first time I visited ISKCON Delhi I was too much overjoyed to see Radha Parthasarathi they were so beautiful the environment in the temple was so good that I felt of remaining there the whole day so as I came to delhi I got more assosiatons in my life I got to know about chanting, artis and deity worship and many more but the thing which is most special is harinam sankirtan and painting krishna’s pastimes. I love to sing for krishna. Today I am connected with ISKCON Delhi Girls Forum I am serving my gopal deity ,chanting 16 rounds and also sing and paint for krishna .Whatever I am today its all because of devotees I am thankful to all of them.

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